Base Cloth & Top Sheeting

Base Clothing - Our clothing is made up of 100% meta-aramid yarns 400gsm.

Base clothing is used on older mid generation calenders such as Baker Perkin, Manlove Tullis & Manlove Alliott ironers. Its function is to make up the circumference of the roller & enhance the roller vacuum where applicable. The needlefelt top clothing should be lapped into the base clothing a half turn for secure anchorage.

Top sheeting is a very fine weave woven sheeting that is designed for older style generation ironers. Its purpose is to give the linen a more polished finish, particularly on starched table linen. This should be lapped into the needlefelt half a turn. Top sheeting comes in both 100% polyester & 100% meta Arimid qualities.

Top sheeting- We have two different products which are:

  • Polyester / Stainless steel
  • Meta-aramid / Stainless steel

These help to eliminate static whilst ironing.

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