Feed/Fold Belts

Dolnex Belt

Needled composite of 1500 gr/m2 with Meta-aramid fibres on the working site. This product is highly thermo stabilised in temperature and time so that the residual shrinkage at 200°C is under 2%.

Woven bandings, woven cotton feed bands

Woven cotton feed bands are made from a Polyester/Cotton blend and are suitable for all classifications. Banding has been specifically designed for feeders and can be supplied in roll form along with clips and pins or can be made up ready to use.

TCS 880 DPCO woven anti-static banding.

Woven polyester cotton with stainless steel giving Triboelectric characteristics to dissipate static build up on folders.

Rubberised Cotton belting anti-slip. Anti-slip belting for folder/stacker folders.

Non woven banding - INTROTEX

  • Needled singed polyester
    1000 gr/m2
  • Thermo stabilised
  • Thickness 2.8 +/-0.3mm

Sewn endless or clippered with stainless steel hooks clipper Can be perforated for vacuum feeders

Belting Accessories

Viselacer, Clips & Pins

Handheld Belt Cutter

Grab Master

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