Industrial Laundries

There are seven main sectors within the industrial laundry business: Health Care, Work wear, Hotel Linen, Restaurant linen, Domestic linen, Heath Clubs & Spas, Dust mats & Cabinet roller towels.

Laundries can be either Small to large Independents, Group Laundries, Hotel OPLs, NHS Trust & Prison Service Laundries processing anywhere between 30,000 – 2.7 million pieces of linen per week, depending on their size. As a general rule, laundries tend to specialize in one of these sectors.

Modern day tunnel washers can process up to 90kgs of linen every two minutes and the Ironing machines (calendars) can iron, fold and stack up to 1000 large pieces of flatwork or 7000 pieces of small work per hour per machine. Many large laundries have in excess of 10 calendars.

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