Press Padding

The Sewn Products Department of our business is an area of significant development.

We can provide all standard sizes of press pads, air bags, laundry bags, net bags, trolley liners, conditioning cloths, ironer padding and wire wool abrasive pads and will be pleased to produce any of these items.


Knitted cotton padding used as base padding for press and ironing tables.


Needling of polyamide fibres of 500 up to 1300 g/m2 used as base padding for presses or ironer tables.

T220PS9 (Press Clothing)

Woven 220 gm.m2 polyester top sheeting. Available in white and green at widths of 152cm and 183cm.

Cabinet Clothing

Patterns held for most machine manufactures for the following:

  • Collar and Cuff presses
  • Shirt Presses
  • Cabinet Air Bag Sleever
  • Compact Presses non-standard sizes on request

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