Wax & Wax Cloth

It is essential that an ironer is at full working capacity at all times to achieve the best possible finish of the linen. China Laundry Products extensive range of wax conditioning cloths, scours and cleaning products enable you to achieve this quality finish.

Following the daily wax procedure is a basic necessity for all ironers. A fine film of wax is applied to the ironer bed, so that the linen can glide over the surface & produce a well ironed, square, crease free article.

There are many qualities of wax available. Choosing the correct one for your individual needs is vital and is dependant on the operating temperature, make and model of your ironer.
Wax is distributed in 2Kg, 5Kg & 10Kg tubs & 20Kg & 25Kg sacks.

Conditioning cloths are used as the applicator cloth for the wax procedure. Standard wax cloths have a small abrasive cloth and have a impervious flap so that the wax is applied downward to the bed of the ironer and not upwards to the roller needlefelt.

Certain Ironer manufacturers insist on using specifically designed wax applicator cloths for their ironers, which are also readily available.

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